GW2 – Asura and Sylvari

I couldn’t resist a little playtime in GW2, so I patched up my client and logged in the game. I guess Anet did a character wipe because I had zero characters leftover from earlier previews. It’s something I expected anyway.

Asura Effects
Asura Effects

First up I created an Asuran mesmer. Early in the Metrica Province I helped Professor Gahf teach young progeny by using a teaching apparatus to summon various demonstrations: Advanced Pyrokinetics, Energy Creation, or Golemancy 101. Each choice resulted in a distinct visual effect and summoned a foe to defeat. This was fun and self-paced, as the teaching apparatus spawned enemies. I completed this and ran over to continue my story, but decided to log and quickly try out Sylvari.

A true Vegan
A true Vegan

I created a Sylvari ranger, choosing a Fern Hound as my animal companion. I had even less time here, and stopped right after reaching the Caledon Forest and getting my clothes back (which were oddly stripped away at the end of the intro area boss fight).

And despite wanting to play more, I have to stop as I’m nearly dozing off at the keyboard. I should have a few hours to play over the weekend and hope to make a little more progress. In the meantime, it was really nice to glimpse the Asura and Sylvari worlds!

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