Juggling Act, So Far

I took stock of the games I’m currently playing (LoTRO, DDO, Fallen Earth).

So far so good, but this isn’t an equal juggling act – my time splits out to approximately 70% LoTRO, 15% DDO, 15% Fallen Earth. I would expect that to trend towards 60-20-20, but next month Guild Wars 2 releases and that may upset the unequal balance I have carefully achieved. 😉

The thing is, I really enjoyed Guild Wars (playing it obsessively for two years, to the point where I burned out midway through taking one char through EoTN) but Guild Wars 2 will be different for me. First: it has competition from other MMOs, so my time is naturally constrained – Guild Wars had no consistent rival when I played it the most. Second: it is a new and different game – related, but different. I’m sure I will enjoy it quite a bit, but probably not to the exclusion of the other games I am also having fun playing.

The real “losers” in this situation are some games I’m interested in, but can’t squeeze in: SWTOR, and EVE (subbing again, in this case). Trying to play 4 MMOs is already crazy enough, so adding more isn’t worth it. This isn’t even directly about paying a monthly fee – I just can’t imagine trying to split time between 5 or 6 games and actually rotating through consistently enough to remember what to do 😉 or feel like I’m making progress! I remember playing EVE ~2 years ago; if I only could spend 2 hours a week playing, I’d spend all my in-game time fiddling with my skill queue. Maybe that is specific to EVE – I think it requires a certain minimum amount of time per week to be worthwhile. Possible exceptions included training a very long skill. But that wouldn’t be the case for starting up a new character.

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