LoTRO – Gravenwood

I was asked to investigate trees in the area… they were truly enormous:

Tree of Tribute
Tree of Tribute

At the base of this tree I found some disturbed earth, and when I dug it up, an evil spirit spawned. This yielded a clue which meant something to the scouts at the nearby camp. Naerys wound up helping various scouts scattered throughout Gravenwood, except for Elfrith in the southeast.


This scout was either a genius or a fool, by choosing his hidden location in the spawn path of multiple enemies.

I did eventually talk to him, after clearing the way (no thanks to him) and he sent me to investigate the Orc camp of Ak-Ghru. One task in particular seemed distasteful: collecting Orc-heads. As if I wanted to sling them over my shoulder and bring them back to him! As it turned out, after battling nearly two dozen orcs in Ak-Ghrun, I had collected no heads. I pondered this for a while and decided I was tired of killing Orcs in the camp, didn’t want to behead three of them for his grisly request, and thus left that task unfinished. Elfrith will need to do it himself or locate another assistant. 😉

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