DDO – Korthos Island

I know I’ve played all this content before, but the nice thing about deja vu is that this time around I can work on the finer points of being a monk. Which is to say, practice (build up muscle memory) for finishing moves. At level 1, it is even easier, because I only have the 4 elemental attacks (earth, air, water, fire) and the 4 finishing moves those lead to. More options come into play later, but for now this is good.

So I’ve been racing around Korthos Island to complete exploration deeds, and plunging into battle without too much planning. Most of the fights (outside at least) are not overwhelming. Besides, in this game, combat works a bit faster.

Korthos View
Korthos View

After clearing out a handful of enemies guarding a mountain peak (“Watchful Vigil” exploration point), I took in the view. Later I wrapped up Korthos Island and adventured to Misery’s Peak, the final dungeon on the island.

Misery's Peak
Misery’s Peak

Misery’s Peak is a fun one, but I think the pacing is off – mostly because it is literally as long as all of the rest of the dungeons on Korthos Island put together! It goes on and on and I think could be roughly 20% – 30% shorter if it cut out one of the sections that has you clear out an area in order to flip two switches so a door rolls open for you to continue. Not to trivialize the content – it is a fun dungeon – but it needs an editor.

In any case, I emerged victorious and sailed away to Stormreach for the next stage of adventure!


After some time passes I may try the dungeons on Korthos Island again, at a higher difficulty level. Finishing a dungeon unlocks a higher difficulty level, and I’m curious if the rewards (xp and loot) are worth a repeat adventure.

4 thoughts on “DDO – Korthos Island”

  1. There’s more XP in higher dungeons. I don’t know about loot though. I think they’re all the same. But, except for when you protect Heyton quest, I’ve finished every dungeon in Korthos on epic. Mostly because to earn more Favor. Favor = Turbine Points + other Unlockables.

    BTW. Which server are you at?

  2. I’m on Cannaith, which I picked because Massively had a weekly DDO group/guild. I never did join, and I’m not even sure if it still exists. What server are you on? Thanks for the info about higher difficulty levels… I’ll have to try it sometime.

  3. The only difference I know of between sunny and snowy is that the sunnyside people can get run to their shared bank/mail and get better gear from higher level characters. That and the number ofpeople that are available to group with, as sunny and snowy don’t mix. The are a few reasons to repeat quests several times on korthos: -XP (tho it starts to go down when you repeat the quest too many times) -Gear: those bracers of aid clickies from the Cannith Crystal are great to have multiples of -Favor: each quest can be completed on normal, hard and elite. For each difficulty you gain a certain amount of “favor” that unlocks account upgrades (Drow, Favored Soul, Veteran Status, 32 point builds) as well as gain turbine points (every 100 favor). In my opinion, you might as well do the quest up to elite while you can gain xp for it and get loot that is useful. Welcome to the game!

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