LoTRO – Rohirrim Camp

Gwilum at Barnavon had one final task for me: investigate the camp at Naur-Maudhûl, to the north. So I followed his directions and rode towards it.

Approaching Naur-Maudhûl
Approaching Naur-Maudhûl

I drew closer and could see the camp was well defended. That’s why he sent me – to fight my way in and confront Nagrut!

Group Fight!
Group Fight!

The enemy ganged up on me, and once again I was glad Naerys is a fairly sturdy Guardian. My general strategy for these fights is to concentrate on killing one enemy (of course!), but distribute my bleed around (Salt the Wound, especially off the parry reactive chain: Retaliation -> Thrust -> Salt the Wound -> To The King) and also distribute my short stun around (off the block reactive chain: Shield-Swipe -> Bash -> Shield-Smash).


Finally I summoned and battle Nagrut. He was tough but I defeated him, and reported back to Gwilum. He sent me to the Eastern edge of Gravenwood, to speak to Amlan.

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