DDO – Back Again

After reading a few posts by Skron over at The Frugal Gamer, my interest in DDO was rekindled. To find that it was available via Steam was an extra bonus! I deleted it a few weeks ago, to free up a little space on my computer, but had recently cleared up even more space, so I reinstalled it. And Steam makes that really easy.

About 90 minutes later, I had a fully patched up game. Since it had been a few months since I played, and I wasn’t sure I made good choices with my character, I decided to start anew. The furthest I got was level 3, so it wasn’t like I lost much.

DDO Character Creator
DDO Character Creator

DDO has my favorite character creator. It yields lots of of different looks, and has everything right there on one page: make a change, see the result, with no excessive back and forth to select one section to customize versus another. I also think that showing the selection number between the arrows is great – no more trying to remember if I’d seen that graphic before, I can remember or jot down that I liked hairstyle #15 or whatever.

As far as class to play… I really like the concept of the monk: the unarmed robe-wearing fighter, influenced by Asian martial arts. Their different class mechanics, bonus abilities, and combat capabilities – combinations and finishing moves – make the class irresistible to me.

I dug around the DDO wiki and found a great article on building a monk, so I followed it. This was another reason I wasn’t too reluctant to restart; I don’t think I picked “good” traits and so on the last time around. I can follow this guide and perhaps later when I’m not so lost I can try more customizations.

Destroying Barrels
Destroying Barrels

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to play, after the install and patch. I did make it through the tutorial, and had some fun destroying barrels.

I do want to actually get somewhere in the game, so the challenge for me will be to play consistently enough to progress. I’ll be plenty busy trying to play this character to full potential while only playing occasionally. On the other hand I’m not in a real hurry… and I can decide about buying the expansion later when I advance along to a reasonable point.

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