GW – A Little Help From Above

I’ve been on this quest for months, so I decided to advance past it. And I even have a bit of urgency since the release date for Guild Wars 2 was announced (Aug 28) and I’m hoping to finish the Guild Wars Beyond content by then, so I need to get moving! Maybe I’ll aim low and plan to finish War in Kryta and be happy with anything more.

I logged in on Dawn, my ranger and favorite GW character, and proceeded to add heroes to round out the party. I decided to go with:

  • Hayda – Paragon (ranged attack and group buffs)
  • Vekk – Elementalist (fire mage)
  • Livia – Necromancer (Spiteful Spirit)
  • Tahlkora – Monk
  • Dunkoro – Monk
  • Jora – Warrior (axe)
  • Goren – Warrior (hammer)

Jora and Goren had different builds – Jora was about inflicting deep wound while Goren had knockdown and the blindness condition. Tahlkora and Dunkoro were both healers with a few mesmer interrupt skills. I picked an Incendiary Arrows build, with Dual Shot and Triple Shot, and exited from Temple of the Ages.

Outside Temple of the Ages
Outside Temple of the Ages

Once in the Divinity Coast map, the mission boiled down to carefully pulling and fighting enemy groups, preferably one at a time. 😉 Typically, I would flag my group of heroes, run ahead and pull an enemy (which would bring their allies too) back to us, and then fight like crazy. This mostly worked but one time a patrol snuck up behind us and it got ugly fast. As in: we rezzed back at Livia’s stronghold.

However, we bounced right back and cleared out Shaemoor after more careful battles. Energy management was tricky, so I switched to a Zealous bow midway, to take advantage of my multi-shot skills (Dual Shot and Triple Shot) and the fact most groups were a densely packed.

Clearing out Shaemoor
Clearing out Shaemoor

After opening the gate to the Fountain of Truth, and fighting the gate guards, there were only a few enemies left. We charged in and concentrated on killing Aily the Innocent, since the Mursaat boss had healing skills. He eventually fell, and we were victorious!

Next in the quest chain is: Temple of the Intolerable.

2 thoughts on “GW – A Little Help From Above”

  1. glass arrows works very well but energy is tight; you might want to try this instead. ranger/paragon marksmanship 12 1 1 expertise 12 1 command 3 go for the eyes find their weakness triple shot dual shot prepared shot expert focus i am the strongest ebon battle standard of honor This hits very hard… prep up with 6-7-8 then activate triple shot and find their weakness at the same time (and GFTE as well, if it is charged). This can deliver more than 300 damage instantly, even in hard mode… 200 from the three arrows with buffs and an additional 100 from the deep wound. Dual Shot is almost as good and Prepared Shot keeps your energy high so you can spam attacks all day. With these buffs active you are hitting for 44 bonus damage with autoattacks and even more if you have Orders, Brutal Weapon, Great Dwarf Weapon, etc. Highly recommended. You can swap “I Am The Strongest” for Asuran Scan if you want. I find that the enemies die so quickly that Asuran Scan doesn’t work as well. Ebon Battle Standard of Honor affects all party members so you can transform henchmen and heroes into heavy hitters as well! Note that heroes can run this bar with a few modifications and almost the same effectiveness… replace Triple Shot with Forked Arrow, I Am The Strongest with Distracting Shot or Crossfire, and EBSOH with Favorable Winds or Winnowing.

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