LoTRO – Dunbog

Naerys’ progress through Dunland included a tour through the Dunbog, in the southwest corner.

Didn’t I fight their relatives in Malenhad?

I thought the turtles looked familiar… who can forget about the Malenhad turtles, who used to drop tier 5 crafting crit items. Those items had ridiculously long names – Lethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed Claws – that were later simplified to a name like Dread Turtle Beaks. I’m not sure, by the time the name changed occurred, which was along with a general revamp of crafting crit items, I wasn’t hunting for them anymore.

Lhan Colvarn
Picked up a few adds…

Anyway, eventually I wound up adventuring into Lhan Colvarn, which was fun. For instance, the battle above began as Naerys versus one troll, but the troll knocked her back into a misc group of rats and orcs. Basically, partway through the fight Naerys picked up several unplanned adds. This would have been cause for panic on some of my other characters, but a guardian is very survivable. My reaction was to rotate Naerys to keep the mobs in her frontal arc, and kept on fighting. Soon, all were defeated and I didn’t even have to burn any of the guardian minor panic skills!

Too lazy to fight my way out

After completing the quest, I was too lazy to fight my way out. Instead of mapping back to Galtrev, I mounted up and made a break for it. It worked because Naerys made it out of Lhan Colvarn without having to fight. 🙂

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