ATiTD – Compound Expansion

Materials List
Materials List

I was determined to expand the compound I started earlier, so I took stock of what I needed and began gathering and crafting it.

My Compound
My Compound

After a lot of wood planing, flax planting, and assorted other repair and gathering tasks, I finally amassed the materials needed to finish my compound. And it is cool that I have created a building on the landscape of this game! If you go to the River Plains district, across the road from the School of Architecture near the water… you can’t miss it. 😉 Be quick though, I didn’t plant a cornerstone so the building will slowly decay and eventually vanish, unless I subscribe and get a cornerstone, or learn the repair skill and fix it up every so often.

Level 2
Level 2

The pyramid icon at the top opens the character advancement chart. In it, the top row is highlighted (corresponds to the Architecture tests), and the leftmost icon with the double obelisks is glowing, meaning I’ve completed that task (which was to build and expand a compound in order to complete the Principles of Architecture).

In most games, getting to level 2 barely requires effort. Not so in this game! I spent quite some time crafting and gathering to finish and level.

My chief complaint so far is that many operations are very “clicky”. For example, making bricks. Just picking the finished product up, six at a time, requires four clicks:

  1. Click the brick rack
  2. Click “Take”
  3. Click “Bricks” (instead of “Everything which cleans up the brick rack)
  4. Click “Max” (Flimsy brick rack contains 6 bricks. Take how many?)

Somehow that should be designed to require 2 clicks at the most.

Some tasks I find annoying, such as gathering slate. It can’t be gathered until you are standing near it, and there is no visible graphic for a slate node (neither is there for sand or mud, but for those you can just walk in the beach area near water). Slate is also found near water, but in fewer places than sand or mud (which are basically everywhere). Looking for slate involves a lot of trial and error: walk a little bit, see if the “gather slate” icons appears, back track, click-click-click to search in little increments around the invisible spot that triggers the icon, etc.

I need to do some hard thinking about whether or not to keep playing. I haven’t used up my free time yet (24 hours in-game), but I must be over halfway through it, if not more. Not all tests are so crafting intensive – one involves solving puzzles made by other players, another involved identifying plants, etc. This game is very different that other MMOs I’ve played. It is certainly a bold and different vision of an MMO focused on creating and building, and I kinda want to support it.

What I’ll do is study the various tests available and see what kind of variety I would encounter if I decide to continue. I’d like to play something different, not just combat-based fantasy-themed games. However, I find I miss the occasional combat in this game.

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