LoTRO – Rohan Purchase

I mulled it over for a bit, and decided to go big and pre-order the Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition, even though it is a bit pricey. Now I can give myself a few more weeks/months to decide what to do about my 2nd account. This was an easy decision for my first account, because I should have 2 characters ready for the expansion by the time it hits – my Guardian and my Burglar. The others aren’t too far behind; they are taking it easy in the Caras Galadhon area. As for my second account, my Runekeeper is farthest along adventuring in Evendim, so not in any risk of entering Eregion, much less Mirkwood or even Dunland. Hence I will probably wait a bit.

In the meantime, I logged in briefly on Naerys to get my goodies. First there was the pure awesomeness of the 6th storage bag. Then, I checked out my new Steed of the Easternmet, and matching armor.

Eastenmet Steed and Armor
Eastenmet Steed and Armor

Unfortunately I am cursed with terrible timing – whenever I only have a few minutes to enter the game for a screenshot, it is invariably night.

So I took a picture inside my house, by the roaring fireplace. No horse since they are too afraid to enter, but that just means my armor is more visible.

Eastenmet Armor
Eastenmet Armor

Here is Naerys with her Eastenmet Armor, hiding a few pieces. As a hobbit, I don’t display footwear because it doesn’t look right. I also don’t display helms because I like to see my character’s face. And I don’t display shoulder guards because they poke through. Finally, I usually don’t display cloaks, but that depends on several factors: how cool the cloak looks, how new the cloak and/or armor is. For the moment, this armor set is new to me, so I don’t want to cover it up.

Now that we have a release date for the expansion, I have a target to aim for as far as getting Naerys and Dhrun ready! My others characters may have to be satisfied taking an extended break at Caras Galadhon.

Horse Session Play

Later I had another chance to play, so I took it.

I followed up on the quest line through Combe which led to the session play starting at Hengstacer Farm. After speaking to the horse, I found myself… as a horse, in the North Downs!

I'm a horse!
I’m a horse!

I’ve played as an elf lord, as a Angmarim, but not as an animal. The good news is as a horse, I’ve got a huge morale pool, and some great attacks (Rearing Stomp and Back Kick). Plus, I look pretty cool:

Me, as a horse
Me, as a horse

The session play itself was fun, but short. The mission was to kill 3 Ongbúrz Horse-trappers that laid traps around Rhunenlad. When I arrived, only Horse Traps were visible, so I started to destroy one of them…

Destroying a Horse Trap
Destroying a Horse Trap

which summons an angry Ongbúrz Horse-trapper…

Ongbúrz Horse-trapper
Ongbúrz Horse-trapper

The most fun part of the fight is turning around and using the “Back Kick” attack, which does great damage AND knocks the Orc backwards.

I eventually had to logoff for the evening… and realized it is always daytime at the login screen!

Eastenmet Armor
Eastenmet Armor

One thought on “LoTRO – Rohan Purchase”

  1. We arrived and made our way to the second level to Bungie’s main entrance. We saw a (probably nervous) security guard at the desk inside as well as a box of the Legendary Edition Reach and the helmet and body armor of an ODST from the live-action commercial promoting the ODST game. The outside of the studio sported a large Reach mural and a few window decals of Noble Team members.

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