LoTRO – Inn League Reputation

Every hero needs a break from solving everyone else’s problems, so I decided to take it easy with Naerys and enjoy the Spring Festival. I went to Ailward Chubb at the Party Tree in the Shire, and spoke with him.

Unfortunately, the only quest he had was the Inn League Initiation pub crawl, which I did a long time ago. I thought I might be able to get some other quests, such as Covert Reparation, but he didn’t have that one for me. Oh well, forced to drink 42 beers… better get started!

Later, I returned to Ailward hoping to pick up some other repeatable quests. But, he still didn’t have any new ones for me! Hm… I checked CSTM’s great guide and made my way to Thorin’s Hall to see Jónar for “An Irritating Initiation”. But Jónar didn’t have that quest for me either.

Somehow Naerys slipped through various quest prerequisites and can only pub crawl or do the delivery quests. It had been some time since I toured around Middle Earth so I did the Inn League Delivery quests instead. I did make a minor modification to Arnhelm of Rohan’s route: map travel to Sûri-Kylä after delivery in Oatbarton (I bought extra map slots from the in-game store, and set one of my recall slots to Sûri-Kylä). This saved me several minutes of horse riding and I think if I did these again on Dhrun, I’ll optimize for time even further by setting a milestone at Echad Candelleth.

Naerys is now Kindred with The Inn League. No new title, so I celebrated by buying the Inn League Keg for my house.

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