Newbie Bloggers Initiative (Newbie Blogs)

My small value-add is an attempt to categorize the NBI blogs into the games they cover. That makes it more useful to me, and perhaps to you too. There is a catch-all “General” category as well, for blogs that are more difficult to categorize (ones that aren’t obviously about a few MMOs, very new blogs, etc). I made a best effort, so results not guaranteed, warranty not included, void where prohibited, and so on.

Apologies if I missed a few. I’ll make corrections as needed, when I notice or if somebody points it out. 😉 You can always check Syp’s master list, or the NBI HQ forums.



Anarchy Online

A Tale in the Desert

Diablo 3

EVE Online

Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2

Lord of the Rings Online

Runes of Magic

Secret World

Starcraft 2

Star Trek Online

Star Wars – The Old Republic

Team Fortress 2


World of Tanks

World of Warcraft

Wurm Online

4 thoughts on “Newbie Bloggers Initiative (Newbie Blogs)”

  1. Great job, this makes the list a LOT more readable, and easier to find the content we actually want to read.

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this. 🙂

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