Newbie Bloggers Initiative (Sponsors)

The team of bloggers collectively known as Syp, publishing as BioBreak1, started a Newbies Blogger Initiative to encourage and foster new MMO bloggers.

Most folks posted a greeting and link when starting… I figured I’d wait until the last day(s) of the initiative in order to link to all the new blogs started, the sponsor bloggers, and toss out more publicity for the NBI project. Due to overwhelming participation, I decided to split this into two posts: sponsors and new blogs.

Also, I hope to figure out how to add a blogroll and link thing-a-ma-gizmo to the right column. I figured out how to make a bundle in Google Reader, now I just need to export it somehow. I see this all over so I know it can be done!

What is a little surprising is the number of NBI wrap-up posts. I thought the initiative ran through the end of May, so there is still tomorrow. Right?! In any case, the sponsor list is unlikely to change, so here are links to the sponsor’s blogs, and the next post will be a link to all Newbie blogs.


  1. ALT:ernative
  2. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  3. Ardent Defender
  4. Ardwulf’s Lair
  5. Ark’s Ark
  6. Avatars of Steel
  7. Beau Hindman
  8. Berath’s Brain Burps
  9. Blog of the Vagabond
  10. Blue Kae
  11. Blog de la Burro
  12. Bullet Points
  13. Casting a Shaddoe
  14. Casual is as Casual Does
  15. Casual Stroll to Mordor
  16. Contains Moderate Peril
  17. Creep of the Prophet
  18. A Ding World
  19. DocHoliday’s MMO Saloon
  20. Dragonchasers
  21. Epic Slant
  22. ETCmmo
  23. Gamer BC
  24. Games and Geekery
  25. Gamer LadyP
  26. Gankalicious
  27. A Green Mushroom
  28. Grimnir’s Grudge
  29. High Latency Life
  30. Hunter’s Insight
  31. I Have Touched the Sky
  32. Inventory Full
  33. Jaded Alt
  34. The Jedi Gambit
  35. Journeys With Jaye
  36. Just One MMOre
  37. Just One More Unlock
  38. Kill Ten Rats
  39. Levelcapped
  40. Life is a Mind Bending Puzzle
  41. Live Like a Nerd
  42. LOTRO Fashion
  43. Malchome’s Mind
  44. Mana Obscura
  45. MMO Compendium
  46. MMO Fallout
  47. MMO Gamer Chick
  48. Mr. Meh’s Supplication
  49. Nerdy Bookahs
  51. Parallel Context
  52. Professor Beej
  53. Psychochild
  54. Restokin
  55. Roll One Hundred
  56. Scary Worlds
  57. Screaming Monkeys
  58. Shards of Imagination
  59. Sheep the Diamond
  60. Skycandy
  61. Star Shadow
  62. The Stories of O
  63. Stropp’s World
  64. Tales of the Aggronaut
  65. Tastes like Battle Chicken
  66. Tiger Ears
  67. Tish Tosh Tesh
  68. Tremayne’s Law
  69. T.R. Red Skies
  70. Vicarious Existence
  71. Wadstomp
  72. Welcome to Spinksville
  73. West Karana
  74. The Wild Boar Inn
  75. World of Matticus
  76. Yeebo Fernbottom’s MMO Love In

76 Sponsors! That’s a lot of support; thanks folks! Apologies if I missed any blogs… leave a note and I will add to the list.

1. See reference post.

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