LoTRO – To Starkmoor

I wrapped up the quests in Tur Morva, and advanced in the storyline to Avardin, a quest hub in the Starkmoor region of Dunland. Along the way Naerys reached level 68.

Leveling by the Lake
Leveling by the Lake

What a scenic spot for a level up!

I enjoy the humor in LoTRO’s quests – someone at Turbine must enjoy slipping it in. The quest giver, Iwan, swore revenge on those who would join Saruman, so he asks me to kill some frogs and extract their venom. After completing that task, he tries some of it. As a result, the followup quest is for me to find the village healer for a remedy. She voices “ach… you do not taste the poison you make” and gives me some medicine to take back.

Yeah, it was just a fedex quest, delivering stuff. But it was funny, and I enjoy that.

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