ATiTD – Citizenship

I just had a few things left on the checklist/intro quest: learn the Clothwork skill, build a small distaff, spin twine, and tear down my Wood Plane (I guess that last one teaches you to clean up after yourself rather than leave little buildings all over).

Waiting for flax to rot
Waiting for flax to rot

Tuition for Clothwork was 20 Rotten Flax, so I spent some time growing and harvesting flax. Then, I threw it in the water and waited for it to rot. When it was ready to be picked up, the orange buoy turned to white.

My Crafting Area
My Crafting Area

Next was building the small distaff. That required boards, brick, and wood, so I gathered from a few trees, and also made bricks. Eventually I built the distaff, and stood back to admire my little crafting area by the water.


After spinning twine and tearing down my wood plane, I became a Level 1 citizen!

This game is certainly a lot different than other MMOs. So far so good, but I’ll see what gameplay has opened up now that I can take Tests in the various Disciplines of Man.

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