SWTOR – Free Weekend

I couldn’t resist checking out Star Wars: The Old Republic over the free weekend. So I downloaded the client, and patched… and waited… and roughly 4 hours later it finished up and I was able to enter the game.

Character Creation
Character Creation

I’m not up on Star Wars lore, except for the very basics, and didn’t know there was a green-skinned race called the Mirialan. I thought they looked cool so I made a Jedi Consular (fuzzy on what that is exactly, but as long as I get a light saber I’m good).

Planet Hologram
Planet Hologram

From there I entered the game in Tython, and quested around a bit. I was only able to play 3 hours the entire weekend, due to travel, but was happy I could be in the game at all. I made it to level 5, and am at a quest in Lower Kaleth where I need to search for the Lost Blade.

Some impressions:

I like the voiced quests and full video – it made the normal “get quest, do quest, speak afterwards for reward” feel conversational and a bit more immersive. I usually read quest text, but sometimes skim it. Here, I paid attention.

So far, and admittedly I’m barely into it, there are fewer quests than typical. But, in other MMOs the larger number of quests generally include a lot of filler. Basically the main storyline quest and an isolated extra quest here and there. That’s OK actually, I’m good with following path as long as there is always something to do.

The separation between the world and your story is seamless – just a green glowing field to indicate you are about to enter a storyline area, or a red glowing field to show you can’t enter. Nice!

If you have the map up and are standing still, it is opaque. If you start to move, it turns transparent, letting you see the world and the map. This is so handy!

This is a nit I always had with Star Wars in general – this is a universe with high tech all over (spaceships, warp, laser weapons, etc) and the best hologram technology is some crummy low resolution blue projection?

Fast Travel, Star Wars style
Fast Travel, Star Wars style

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