GW – Vabbian Armor

Playing in the GW2 weekend preview got me a bit excited about GW again. So I concentrated on finishing off some quests for trade contracts, scoured my inventory for anything valuable to sell (fortunately I had a stash of diamonds which were worth a decent amount at the trader), and grinded a bit for money.

And so, I *finally* got enough money together to buy the materials needed for Vabbian armor, for my main char Dawn.

Armor Collection
Armor Collection

The significance with this armor is that it gives me 3 Hall of Monuments points – 2 for having Vabbian armor, and 1 more displaying 5 sets of armor! Of course, that awesomeness is tempered by the fact I was at 30 points, so 33 doesn’t get me anything new other than being closer to 35 points, the next reward level.

Reward Calculator
Reward Calculator

Naturally I kept checking the reward calculator just to make sure I got credit for the Vabbian armor. 😉

I’m not complaining though, it may be possible for me to get to 35. I counted up my minipets and I have 48 of them. So just 2 more of those (ones I don’t have that is) and I’ll hit 50 which will give me another point. Unfortunately this one comes down to luck. I could do challenge missions and outfit more heroes with armor, or grind for more weapons… anyway, 35 is definitely a possibility, and if I don’t make it that’s OK too.

As much as I love Guild Wars – I played a huge amount from 2006 to 2007 – I can’t seem to get motivated to return for any significant length of time. After taking many characters through Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall, I was burned out. I only finished Eye of the North on 2 of them, only finished the Bonus Mission Pack on 1, and only started the Guild Wars Beyond content.

So I have this unresolved issue with Guild Wars – I’d like to finish up Guild Wars Beyond before Guild Wars 2 releases. I hope when ArenaNet announces GW2’s release date, that impending deadline will be the motivation I need to finish up!

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