LoTRO – High Level Noob

I wanted to play some LoTRO, but get some variety on another char besides my guardian. So I logged on my second favorite character, Dhrun the burglar, who is questing in the Echad Dagoras area of Enedwaith.

However, I hadn’t played him in months. As a result, I was essentially a level 65 noob burglar. Ouch! I was rusty, and had to re-read the class skills and tooltips, re-recognize the skill icons, re-allocate Legendary points on his dagger and tools, and remember how to fight as a burglar. After a bit of time I was able to play and be somewhat productive as a burglar again. Whew.

This made me wonder – does this happens to others? Surely I’m not the only person to take a break and come back to a feeling of déjà vu – familiar yet strange. As initially disorienting as it was for me, it could have been worse – I could have returned to a char that underwent significant changes, such as Minstrel or Warden from LoTRO, or the Dervish from Guild Wars.

I’m just glad I wasn’t playing my Minstrel. If somebody would have asked for help (e.g. group content needed a healer) I would have been forced to reply “Sorry, I’d love to but I don’t remember how to play this class.” 😉

Anyway, I quested around Echad Dagoras, digging up supplies and rescuing captured men.

Ranger Rune
Ranger Rune

The Rangers in Echad Dagoras sent me out to find some supplies they had buried in the area. They had an elaborate system of marking a rune on rocks or trees, and then pacing to the north or east… I think they should use the Vault-keepers like the rest of us! 😉


This quest makes me laugh. The Ranger Amarion is over his head and climbed up some rocks to await rescue. Dhrun, hobbit burglar (cunningly hiding in the shrub at the base of the rock), to the rescue!

2 thoughts on “LoTRO – High Level Noob”

  1. It happened to me twice. Once in WAR, when I left for 6 months and then comeback not knowing how to play my White Lion. I was getting killed in PvP and our pre-made group was less effective because of that.

    Then a second time was in RIFT, when my vidcard blew up and I have to wait for a month to replace it. I came back in the game not knowing how play my class –rotation of skills– and having trouble locating anything.

  2. Hehe, questing is the best way to relearn your class, I guess. You’ll probably live and have enough practice without messing things up for other people / being noticed! 😛

    I haven’t had this experience myself, because I’m not a person with many alts. I take great care in learning the few classes I play at a high level and I’ve done so much group stuff with them that it’s almost imprinted in my brain. I’m sure I’ll have the same, though, if I continue to level my level 45 champion which I’ve just been leveling for the fun of it. I’ve never been planning to take her into end game, but ended up leveling her duo with my boyfriend because he wanted to level something together. I haven’t played her in half a year and am sure I’ve forgotten her rotations. So don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

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