Soaking up Info

I have this OCD condition about gaming and MMOs in particular – I read/study tons of information about a game, before ever playing it.

Part of that is due to the nature of these games, with so many choices about a character (race, class/profession, skills, etc.) that I hate feeling lost right off the bat, and for some largely unfounded reason, fear making a “wrong” decision early on. While I do like to have a vague idea of what’s going on, I think it may be excessive when I find myself digging up too much info on character design (classes and skills), quest optimization, things to avoid, etc. all before I’ve even created a char!

This is easy to do these days, with the wealth of info available on wikis, forums, strategy guides, blogs, youtube videos… when I catch myself diving in too deep, I stop. It isn’t that I think I’ll ruin the game, it is more that I tell myself it is silly past a certain point, because I can’t really get a feel for a game by just reading about it.

My new goal along these lines is to limit myself to reading tips for newbies, and then actually try the game out. That would be kinda fun, to be a bit clueless at the start, and have to experiment.

One thought on “Soaking up Info”

  1. Personally, I try and avoid too much info on games up front; I love the newbie feeling in MMOs, not knowing where to head first or how to spec my character. it’s all going to be well-explored way too soon.

    /wave from me and welcome in the blogosphere. 🙂

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