LoTRO – More Galtrev Questing

I wrapped up all the quests I could find out of Galtrev and the Pren Gwydh area, except for a repeatable quest which I declined to do more than once.

Along the way I got a quest to kill boars. How… familiar sounding. 😉

Boar Hunting
Reminds me of that time in Evendim…

What makes this extra fun is the size discrepancy between my female hobbit guardian, and the mobs I have to fight. I just don’t get tired taking on “giant” mobs, haha. The signature boar at the next step of this quest chain, Big Bloodtusk, was an even larger size difference – probably 10x larger than me! All the more fun to fight and beat.

Anyway, in the storyline I traveled to Tâl Methedras and helped forge an alliance between the Falcon Clan and the Rangers (and by this point I’m an honorary Dúnedain, dang it!), in exchange for some assistance. It seems 10 villagers need help with odds and ends, which I will get to soon enough.


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