LoTRO – Galtrev

While I consider what sci-fi MMO to try, I decided to move along Naerys in LoTRO.

I had quested to Trum Dreng and has been helping the tribe there for… well basically since the expansion rolled out last September. So I wrapped things up and received two quests: one to the Bonevales, and one to Galtrev. I decided to hurry to Galtrev and continue from there, and come back to the Bonevales some other time. Perhaps what I’ll do is take Dhrun into Dunland via the Bonevales, so I see those quests but on a different character. It’ll be a while though, Dhrun is back in Enedwaith at Echad Dagoras.

On the way to Galtrev, I stopped at a scenic overlook:

Outside Galtrev
Scenic Spot

Once in Galtrev, I, Naerys, World-Reknowned Hobbit Guardian, helped out with a variety of menial tasks such as collecting nails and serving messenger duty. Such is the life of an adventurer. 😉 I stopped there and will return to Middle Earth far more regularly.

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