For my own sanity, I’ve decided to concentrate on three characters: Aillas (my LM), Dhrun (my burg), and Naerys (my guard). I’ll also play Daerellaen (my RK) from time to time, to get some extra variety. But Suldrun, Glyneth, and Rhaenys will mostly sit out.

Glyneth is my tailor, and I definitely want that crafting skill going forward. After all, Dhrun, Aillas, and Daerellaen wear light or medium armor! And, should I peck away with Suldrun, Glyneth, or Rhaenys, they also all wear light or medium armor. So I definitely want a tailor… but since I’m not going to focus on Glyneth, tailoring will fall to Naerys, who is an Armourer. However Naerys did very little with tailoring and instead concentrated on metalsmith. So I need to work Naerys’ tailoring up and take over from Glyneth.

It will be a long road, since Glyneth is a Grandmaster Tailor and well along in the Supreme tier. Meanwhile Naerys is only a Master Journeyman tailor and working along… anyway, it will be worth it down the road, when Naerys will gain future tailoring recipes and make armor that Glyneth can’t. The payoff is distant though, ugh. But not having to advance Glyneth just to make armor for the others will be worth it.

Glyneth and Rhaenys haven’t made it to Caras Galadhon yet. That’s a great place to call home, because it offers all services (class trainers, crafting, vault, auction hall, etc.) close by. I think what I’ll do is chip away at Galadhrim reputation for Glyneth and Rhaenys so they can enter, and once they do I can milestone them there and let them hang out for an extended period of time.

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