Level 65

Naerys reached level 65 by turning in Dannenglor quests at the Haunted Inn, and became my 2nd level 65. Dhrun is not far behind at level 63!

Level up
Level up

The first order of business was to have Dhrun use his jeweler skills to craft Naerys a set of Malledhrim rep jewelry. Then, Naerys traded for as many of the metalsmith recipes as she could, which was only 4 of them, and crafted herself some Malledhrim heavy armor. I enjoy crafting and it turns out that my characters are my best customers. 😉

Naerys needs 70 more feathers to get the other 3 recipes, since she had 5 feathers left over, and then she can complete the set by making her own shield, helm, and leggings. By Monday I hope to finish the Estolad Mernael (Drownholt) area quests, finish the Malledhrim armor set, and look forward to the next update! I won’t have my chars as far along as I’d like, but I’m not in a rush and since I’d like Naerys to also become an Ambassador to the Elves, I want to do all possible quests for the rep.

I am looking forward to the LI changes, because Naerys is long overdue to upgrade weapons. She is still using the level 59 3rd age items obtained in Moria with Khuzdul tablets! I never did find a level 65 club with the 2 legacies I want (stamp cooldown, +area effect melee targets), but I did find a level 65 belt with the one I really want (catch a breath cooldown, and it also has +catch a breath morale heal). So I’m hoping I’ll be able to transfer the stamp cooldown legacy off Naerys’ current club onto the new one, because I did find one with +area effect melee targets. If not, well I guess I’ll be leveling it to 30 and hoping it picks up stamp cooldown along the way, and of course checking out the AH regularly for more to try.

I want to use a club because of the racial damage bonus. The two legacies I want might not be über but they are good enough for me – I make use of the stamp cooldown because it seems like the mobs I’m fighting lately all have inductions I want to interrupt (merrevail, orcs, etc.). Anything else past that and the +melee targets is gravy in all honesty, and if the other legacies are terrible I can swap them out for +vitality or +might.

Anyway, the other change the update will bring are new storyline skirmishes – at last I can finish off some of the Vol II storyline I had a tough time finding groups for!

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