Ost Galadh

I’ve been busy over the past week and haven’t had much time to play. I was able to finish the Mirkwood prologue and advance in the storyline on Naerys.

Naerys had an advantage of being level 63 upon entering Mirkwood, unlike Dhrun and Aillas who were 60, because the level cap was 60 back then. Those first few quests were really tough for them – in fact I think I took Dhrun out and leveled to 61 or 62 in skirmishes before coming back. Naerys was almost 64, and indeed reached that turning in a quest from Amon Angened.

Defending the Malledhrim Flag
Defending the Malledhrim Flag

I finished 2.9.4, Strike Against Danneglor, and opened up a few horse routes: Ost Galadh (Emyn Lûm) and Estolad Mernael (Drownholt). Ost Galadh is great to have because it is a good central outpost with a bank and class trainers, and swift travel to/from Caras Galadhon, where everybody is currently milestoned.

Naerys upgraded armor by trading in Malledhrim feathers, and will now collect crafting recipes. Since I want to attain kindred rep with the Malledhrim, I’ll go back and finish up all the quests available, backtracking to Echad Mothelen, and then doing all the ones out of the Haunted Inn and Drownholt as well. That will be great xp, LI xp, reputation, and reputation item (feathers), all of which Naerys needs!

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