Kindred with the Galadhrim

I’ve been busy this last week, and haven’t had much time to play. What I was able to do with my hour or so a day, is work on Galadhrim reputation for Naerys, who finally achieved Kindred. Long term I’d like Naerys to be an Ambassador to the Elves, so that means Kindred with Rivendell and the Malledhrim too.

I did the repeatable quests from Echad Andestel, Telan Haldir, and Cerin Amroth. This was a mix of combat and gathering quests, which at least was some variety because I think I’d go crazy just doing gathering quests for reputation.

Riding through Lórien
Riding through Lórien

Naerys was already well along in Friend with the Galadhrim, so I reached Ally quickly and then Kindred after a few more days.

Statue of Galadriel
Statue of Galadriel

I did all the Caras Galadhon quests, including the flet runner series, which I put off for last. It has been many months since I did those on Aillas and Dhrun so I needed to re-acquaint myself with the city. Although I have 4 characters milestone’d at CG, all the services I need are right there at Telain Galadhrim, with the crafting area just one ladder away, so I don’t wander the city much.

Running Supplies
Running Supplies

Naerys finally earned Kindred by turning in a quest to Tuilinn, on the flet at Cerin Amroth. To celebrate, I typed /cheer and planned to take a screen shot. Except I mis-clicked – my cursor wasn’t in the chat box and I have “R” mapped to “Run” – poor Naerys ran right off the edge of the flet and fell to her defeat.

I was upset and didn’t feel like getting a screenshot after that. Fortunately that defeat by Misadventure only cost 4 silver to repair, but I still had the 10 minutes of dread to wait off. Argh.

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