Hall of Monuments

I hit 30 points in my Hall of Monuments, thanks to a generous guildie.

Hall of Monuments
Closer to the Stars

Dawn unlocked the Black Widow Spider, Fire God’s Vambraces, and most importantly (probably the highest title I’m going to get in the HoM), the title “Closer to the Stars”.

This all happened because a generous guildie gave me an Oppressor Bow. Come to think of it, years ago, another generous guildie gave me a Tormented Bow, which was just as important in getting 1 point at the HoM. With the Oppressor Bow, I stood at 29 points, with just one more needed… and I could get that with another weapon – a Destroyer Bow.

So I went through my storage and scraped up the materials for a one. I had the Diamonds, but not all of the Onyx Gemstones, so I had to buy a few. Then I set out for Slaver’s Exile, crafted it, and mapped back to Eye of the North to add it to my Hall.

Now I’m motivated to advance in the War in Kryta quest, to become eligible to craft Oppressor Weapons. Perhaps I can return the favor to another guildie, or at least help provide some of the materials needed.

Oppressor Recurve Bow
Oppressor Recurve Bow

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