Milestone Changes

I read about the upcoming milestone changes over at CSTM, and I’m excited. I can’t remember how many times I wished I could have two recall points, or a faster cooldown on my map. Soon, I can have both of those and more!

The drawback is that is costs Turbine Points, but I don’t mind buying items at the store. Instead, I’m calculating how many extra milestones and cooldowns I’m going to get!

I’d like to get all my characters at least one extra milestone, that way they can set one convenient recall location near services and horse routes (e.g. Caras Galadhon, which has a vault, auction hall, crafting hall, and swift routes to 21st Hall, Rivendell, and Ost Galadh), and set another recall location to wherever they are currently adventuring. The exceptions might be Glyneth and Rhaenys, my hunter and warden, who can already port many places so they might not really need a 2nd milestone. Everybody can also make use of a 30 min cooldown as well.

I tried to make a list of where I’d set more milestones and came up with Süri-Kyla, Aughaire, Enedwaith, Caras Galadhon, ???. Those would be nice from the viewpoint of mobility, but not necessary often enough (at least for me) to purchase. My characters all have a house recall, a kinship house recall, and a racial recall (well, not Daerellaen just yet as she is one level short of opening that deed) so 1 extra milestone would suffice.

Getting “the works” for all 7 chars would be 7*(295 + 495) = 5530 Turbine Points.

I could be frugal and just get Aillas, Dhrun, and Naerys an extra milestone and cooldown, and cover the others later on. That would be 3*(295+495) = 2370 Turbine Points at first, with the balance to come later.

I’m looking forward to these items in the store, whichever way I decide (all or part now part later).

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