Volume 1 Completion

I really enjoy the epic storyline in LoTRO, and I decided to finish up Volume 1, The Shadows of Angmar, on Naerys.

All the instances went very well, thanks to the Inspired Greatness buff. I loved feeling like a hero, and working my way through my story at my own pace, and more importantly, without others. Yes I am one of those people who wants the option to solo the epic story. I think the compromise that Turbine has implemented is essentially perfect: challenging group quests while the content is new, which then is converted to solo (with Inspired Greatness) or skirmish (coming in the next update) after some time. This way players can tackle the content in groups when it becomes available, and those of us who don’t can wait a little bit.

This works well for me because I have several characters and I want all of them to go through the storyline. If I’m lucky during the initial group phase, I can get 2 or 3 through. But after that, a char can wind up in limbo trying to progress. Also, the solo option also works well due to time constraints – volume 1 book 14 contains several tough group instances, so if you formed a group you were motivated to stay together and do the entire thing… which could take hours!

The final instance of book 15 was extremely challenging back in the day when it was fairly new, and it was a great feeling to finally beat Mordrambor to advance and conclude the story. Now with the new hero mode I was able to solo everything, but to be fair Naerys is also level 62 and 12 levels above the content – I wonder how difficult it would be for an on-level player to do this. While I did it, it certainly wasn’t easy so I think it would be a great challenge at lower level, but doable with some care. One thing that helped was the Kick-cooldown legacy, making that skill (an interrupt) available every 5 seconds. Many foes had healing inductions Naerys could stop, and other inductions she interrupted too.

Anyway, I’m glad Naerys was able to fight alongside Narmeleth and help her redeem herself by slaying Mordirith!

Narmeleth's Sacrifice

Suldrun and Rhaenys haven’t finished Volume 1 yet and I’ll eventually advance them to completion as well.

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