Patch Notes – Echoes of the Dead

I read the patch notes and am ecstatic for the changes in the epic storyline! I know they are subject to change, but the clear intent is to allow Volume 2 of the epic quests be completed solo.

I’m not down on grouping at all – some of the most fun I’ve had in MMOs has been in groups. However, I am playing many characters and it becomes difficult to schedule multiple runs through epic storyline group content with the available time I have. Just getting each char to a “speedbump” instance (group quest) is tricky!

Time efficiency when playing multiple alts means I don’t usually look for a group for content I need; instead I go off and do other stuff, possibly on other chars. Activities such as:

  • Crafting – gathering materials, producing items
  • Skirmishing – having fun in scaled battles, collecting marks to trade in to improve my legendary items
  • Questing and Exploration – regular content, taking various quests and adventuring
  • Epic storyline – slightly different than questing above, here I mean working through the solo portion of the Epic Quest chapter I’m currently on
  • Social – grouping up with kinmates, helping random players, attending events, etc.

If I happen to see people advertising for a quest I’m on, I’ll join. For example, Naerys completed 2.4.7 (Drowned Treasury) this way.

Anyway, this change is excellent news. Naerys is at 2.5.5 (Drums in the Deep) and both Naerys and Dhrun need 2.8.3 (A Relic in Lumul-Nar) and 2.8.4 (A Relic in Nâla-dûm). Before the update rolls out I need to finish up Volume 1 on Naerys too – she is on 1.1.14, the Heraldry of Lindon.

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