Wilting Rot

Naerys is on 2.5.5 in the epic storyline, Drums in the Deep, a 3-part quest consisting of defending the 21st Hall, Deep-way, and Way of Smiths. Unfortunately I didn’t find any groups forming for this, so I kept on questing. I’ll come back since I enjoy the storyline. But it was also nice to step out the other side of Moria into Nimrodel.

More on that later, because it seems the elves and dwarves needed my help to solve a problem back in Moria, in the lower reaches of newly excavated Buzun-ghâr. After investigating, I found that a evil spirit had invaded: Grawulun the Caerog.

It is fun playing a hobbit guardian because of the crazy size mismatches in some of the fights. 🙂

Fighting the Caerog
Small but tough!

After defeating the evil spirit Naerys helped Orvar sneak into Rushdurinul and confront and capture Mazog.


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