Captain Hiatus

I haven’t been good about playing the various MMOs I have. On the one hand I want to fix that, but on the other, I know this will self-correct. One weekend I’ll just feel like playing some other game and it will catch my attention for a while.

In the meantime, I’m having tons of fun in LoTRO!

Captain Haitus

Rhaella is level 28, and questing out of Ost Guruth. Unfortunately, I’m kinda low on motivation to play her. That is due to many factors, including having other chars I want to advance. However, the bottom line is that the captain class isn’t clicking with me. Rhaella spent months stuck at 18 and now 10 levels later I’m kinda there again. There isn’t anything specific, just a collection of issues:

  • The class role is buffing. For mostly solo players, that means the primary class role isn’t present. Buffing the skirmish soldier and/or herald isn’t quite the same.
  • Skills feel slowly paced. Of my skills, 2 require a Battle-Shout to activate. 3 more aren’t usable until a mob defeat.
  • The marks are overkill against normal mobs, so I rarely use them.
  • Power consumption is an issue.
  • Power consumption plus skill cooldown (in general) makes for a lot of auto-attacks.

Meanwhile, over in Rune-keeper land, the skills are available faster, combat is quick, and the class has a damage and healing role. There are various debuffs but it isn’t the focus of the class, so it doesn’t feel like something is missing when I’m out solo.

I’m not down on the captain class, I’m just not excited about playing it right now. This might be a class that really picks up in the 30s or 40s or later. I know they are sought after for group content, but that isn’t enough to excite me right now. So for now, I’m going to take a break from Rhaella and play Daerellaen more.

New Vocation

I decided to switch Daerellaen from explorer to historian. She was only to the expert tier in prospector and forester, with zero towards mastery of any level, so it wasn’t a huge loss of crafting work. I got tired of digging metal (and chopping wood to a lesser extent) because I have so many other chars that are prospectors. Although I can always use the metal, the chars that need them can get them on their own, and I have Glyneth who is a high level hunter and explorer.

I chose historian because of scholar, which I think is a better fit for the character, plus scholar is both a gathering and production craft that makes cool stuff.

Password Change

I’ve been using the same password since I started in July 2007. I made a new reasonably secure one, and change my password!

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