Moria and Virtues

I bounced around between characters, advancing them each a little bit.

  • Elf Ambassador
  • Aillas earned this title and a nice horse – more morale and slightly faster. Woot! Aillas already was kindred with the Galadhrim elves, leaving the Rivendell elves and the Malledhrim elves to go. Fortunately, Rivendell was easy because Aillas is a historian, and also happened to have enough scholar items to crank out rep items (“Of Mysteries Most Profound”) to finish it off.

    So I finished up quests out of Thangúlhad in Gathbúrz, and then traveled to the Ashenslades and worked on the quests out of Mithechad. After a bit of gaming, Aillas finished kindred rep with the Malledhrim elves!

    Elf Ambassador Horse
    New Title and Horse
  • Lone-Lands
  • Both Rhaella, my captain, and Daerellaen, my rune-keeper, are exploring the Lone-Lands. Rhaella is in the lead, having finished the Forsaken Inn quests and most of the Eglain Camp quests. Rhaella also explored the underground area of Iorvinas, which I also think is new because I don’t remember it from before. I liked the Lone-Lands before the revamp, but I know many players didn’t. In any case, the revamp makes it even better, because quests are grouped nicely and flow across the map due to a better split among the quest hubs.

    Daerellaen is still undefeated, and has reached level 24. I want to keep this going, so I’m playing carefully. I know there isn’t a reward for doing it, but I figure what the heck, so my sub-goal is to reach level 30 without a defeat.

  • Moria
  • Naerys inished up a few deeds: Warrior of the Shadows (Empathy); Nud-Melek (Loyalty); The Water-Works and the Flaming Deeps (Tolerance). What is left are Defender of the Upper Levels and Legends of the Deep (both for Innocence), Exemplar of the Central levels (Empathy), and Foundations of Stone (Valour).

    Right now I slot the same 5 virtues on all my chars: Empathy, Loyalty, Innocence, Tolerance, Valour. Those provide good bonuses and are also a mix of exploration, questing, and kill deeds. I’m considering a different selection of virtues, replacing Empathy and Loyalty for other ones. I tend to avoid straight stat bonuses, with the exception of Valour, since they are generally a small boost overall. Instead, I like mitigation and/or resistance virtues.

    Therefore, I’m considering the following virtues as replacements to Empathy and Loyalty: Zeal (disease resistance), Honour (poison resistance), Charity (wound resistance), Fidelity (shadow mitigation), Confidence (fear resistance). Of those, Zeal and Honour are mostly kill deeds, so I’m not very interested in those. Zeal’s secondary effect is melee mitigation, the primary effect of Innocence, but that’s a lot of grinding. Charity, Fidelity, and Confidence are a nice mix of exploration and quest deeds so I’m leaning towards those virtues.

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