Storyline Bookends

Over the past week, I finished up Vol 2 Book 9, and helped with Vol 1 Book 1.

Fortress of the Nazgûl

OK, so I was frustrated with 2.9.16, The Dungeons of Dol Guldur. It was late when I finished and I resumed the next day, and found myself enjoying the storyline again.

Chapter 17, Memories of Mithrandir, is an instance similar to 1.11.12, Prisoner of the Free People. In that instance, you explore a cave and relics, and are treated with a flashback revealing a bit of back story. In this one, explore a cave and fight enemies, and when each encounter is cleared, you view a flashback involving Mithrandir and Raddir, scouting the tunnels beneath Dol Guldur.

After completing the instance, next up was Chapter 18, The Battle in the Tower. It is a skirmish that brings the story of Mazog to a close.

I completed these with Aillas, who traveled to Rivendell to pick up the Volume 3 quest line. However, I plan to skirmish a while on him, building up skirmish marks for legendary item boosts (scrolls of empowerment) and armor. Besides, I need to get Dhrun to 65 and through Volume 2 as well!


A relatively new player, brother to a kinmate, mentioned he had some difficulty at the end of Book 1, as a level 20 hunter. He had made it to the end 2 or 3 times, but couldn’t finish the final fight. I offered to come help, since I could take Rhaella, who was level appropriate, even though she already finshed Book 1.

I didn’t want to bring a higher level character and steamroller the entire instance, because that isn’t any fun for somebody who has never seen it. Besides, with the Inspired Greatness buff, and from what I understood of the Volume 1 revamping, plus the fact he had made it to the end on his own several time, I was confident we would be just fine duoing it. Or tri-oing it since my captain Rhaella can summon a herald.

We entered Othrongroth, and I quickly noticed there was no Inspired Greatness buff. I remember having it while helping out on V1B12, so perhaps the buff is for the later books, ones designed for a group of max level chars (well, even that has changed since the max level has increased) that you can’t just outlevel.

We started off and didn’t have any trouble at all, moving forward and being careful to fight each group. There were definitely fewer elite mobs around, and smaller fights in general, but since that allowed a level 20 and level 21 char to duo the instance, that change is good. The final battle against Sambrog went well and we succeeded… except he went link-dead.

But he came back in a minute later, and once he was back, Tom Bombadil skipped in and he got to see the ending dramatic sequence. He’s excited about the storyline and eager to level up and start Book 2. Excellent!

The only drawback is leveling my captain about the same rate as he is leveling, so I can keep helping. If I fall behind, which I probably will, I suppose I can bring my minstrel and just hang out in the back and heal. Or perhaps some others might have level appropriate chars to bring.

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  1. ..A Tenuous Balance..The dialogue with LOTRO players from that first blog posting showed that changes meant to improve accessibility for the lower level populace created a tenuous balancing act.

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