Frustration with Dungeons of Dol Guldur

This is the most frustrating instance in the epic storyline I’ve run across. That’s because of the trial-by-nature method of getting through it.

In this instance, 2.9.16, you locate Bori and escort him to safety.

Attempt 1:

Bori told me use the nightshade barrels, which appeared in the cell after speaking to him. They weren’t glowing like other quest items, so I didn’t pick one up. After talking to him, we stepped outside the cell and were quickly defeated by elite orcs.

Attempt 2:

This time I clicked on a not-glowing barrel to pick it up. It was placed into my inventory, after prompting if I wanted to permanently bind myself to it. WTF? A few normal orcs rushed into the cell and I managed to fight them off. I placed a barrel outside the cell, which made the elite orc guards fall asleep. Cool!

Bori walked through the hallway and I saw with horror another pair of patrolling elite guards. I rushed back to the cell to pick up another barrel, rushed back to the intersection and found the !@#$ barrels have a 1 minute cooldown on their placement. With just a few seconds to go, I dropped another barrel which made the guards fall asleep, just before they patrolled into us.

Unfortunately, at the next intersection, I was stuck waiting umpteen seconds for the barrel cooldown (WHY is there a cooldown?) which didn’t come before Bori aggroed. The guards were immune to mez (naturally) and killed me once they aggroed me.

Attempt 3:

Okay, it is clear I must place barrels at the 3 intersections, knowledge gained after 2 previous defeats.

Unfortunately, I stood too close to the cell door while trying to swivel the camera around to peek outside. The wave of normal orcs swept in, along with the elite guards. Defeat.

Attempt 4:

This time I waited all the way inside the cell, defeated the initial wave of normal orcs, and then went to place a barrel. Then I placed the second barrel and fought off a few more orcs. Then I grabbed the third barrel, waited for the cooldown, and placed it. I grabbed a fourth barrel just in case, and talked to Bori again.

He walked out and we’re attacked again. The elite guards were still asleep and I was afraid of waking them by using any AoE skill, so I fought very carefully. We had no issues the rest of the way along the corridor. Once in the central courtyard, we fought and killed the big boss preventing our escape.


It seemed like the way to do this instance was by having significant fore-knowledge, and that is frustrating. The cooldown on barrel placement is unnecessary. The message about binding them to you permanently is unlike other similar items, and they don’t highlight (glow) like countless other items you are suppose to use. I died at least once merely because I didn’t know how many barrels to place along the corridor. I died in the midst of juggling inventory, swiveling the camera, trying to fight in close quarters, and accidentally drawing aggro of the elite guards.

It was not fun at all, but at least now I know what to do.

3 thoughts on “Frustration with Dungeons of Dol Guldur”

  1. Similar experience here, only I googled it after the second try. More adequate instructions beforehand, and getting the details right, would definitely help. Couldn’t agree more about the non-glowing barrels and the really weird “this will bind to you” message.

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