I played my captain and rune-keeper over the past few days. Both were stuck at level 17/18 and I decided to get them to level 20.

My rune-keeper Daerellaen hit 20 without a defeat, and thus is my first char to earn that title!

Leveling up
20th Level

It happened while turning in quests in the Bree northern fields, an area with revamped questing – mostly quest givers at the Thornley’s work site and better proximity of quest giver and quest area. Great work overall by Turbine to make that area flow better, with quests and followups nearby rather than back in Bree.

Now Daerellaen can display “Undying”!


I wasn’t specifically going for this title, but when I hit level 14 and earned “the Indomitable” I realized it was possible. Every one of my chars has “the Wary” (level 5 with no defeats) and many have “the Undefeated” (level 10 with no defeats), but they all tend to suffer a defeat by the next tier of the Survivor title.

My Race of Man chars would invariably suffer a defeat while questing in the Chetwood and getting overwhelmed by bandits. My elven chars would suffer a defeat by the goblins of Dol Ringwest or the Vineyard, before the revamp. My hobbits were defeated either by Laugfût, the warg of Budgeford (who has been toned down considerably, from what I understand), or by Green Hill Country bandits near Narrowcleeve. And my lone dwarf champion is only level 8, and still on track for possibly being my second Undying char. 😉

Meanwhile, my captain hit 20 with much less fanfare, since she was a victim of Chetwood bandits long ago.

The Barrows
The Barrows

Fortunately, I earned enough XP via questing that Rhaella explored the northern Barrows while Daerellaen explored the northern Bree fields – so there wasn’t much overlap at all. I didn’t repeat the exact same quests on both (which would have been fine but in that case I wouldn’t have played both chars the same weekend). I also like what Turbine did with the Barrows revamp – now there is a small camp of quest givers on the road between the northern Barrows and the Old Forest.

I’m enjoying the rune-keeper and captain, and enjoy LoTRO enough to peck away on both of them. Someday they’ll adventure to the Lone Lands, and then the North Downs and beyond.

Right now, both are fairly easy to play, since they don’t have that many combat skills. Rhaella fights like this:

  • Battle-shout, if available
  • send in Herald
  • Pressing Attack
  • Cutting Attack; Defensive Strike; Sure Strike; all on cooldown
  • Routing Cry (if there is another mob to fight); Rallying Cry (if not or if I need the heal)

I’m not doing much with Telling Mark or Noble Mark and I need to work those in. I also need to check my deed log to see what class traits I am making progress on, and use those skills more often.

The rune-keeper is similarly basic at this level. Daerellaen can kill nearly every mob with a very simple rotation:

  • Fiery Ridicule
  • Scribe’s Spark
  • Ceaseless Argument
  • Essence of Storm

If it looks like there will be two mobs, I’ll drop a stone beforehand (Rune of Restoration) and heal myself (Prelude to Hope, Mending Verse) if the attunement level will allow it. Another great rune-keeper skill is Shocking Touch, which dazes the mob. This is what allowed Daerellaen to survive the level 15 class quest – daze, run and heal!

Now that both Rhaella and Daerellaen are level 20, I plan to open the skirmish option on both, and then rest them for a week or so in order to build up bonus XP. Also, from what a commenter said, “fast” horses are available at level 20 for 500 silver, so I will go look into that too! I don’t think either Rhaella or Daelleraen have that much money, but my other chars do and will send it along.

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