Legendary Item Search

I’ve decided to change up the format a bit, mostly to keep from going crazy: rather than post constantly about what I’m doing, I’ll just do a weekly summary per game. I enjoy writing about in-game adventures, even if I have no audience, but I don’t want to write an activity diary. I also plan to comment on other blogs more, and use this to expand a response.

Level 65

Finally, over a year after Seige of Mirkwood released, I have a max level (65) character – my Lore-Master Aillas! It happened while north of Ost Galadh, questing in the Scuttledells. Further plans with Aillas include advancing in the storyline (currently at 2.9.8), wrapping up quests in the Scuttledells and Ashenslades, and getting to Gathbúrz.

Next to 65 will be my burglar Dhrun. Since he’s level 63 it isn’t very far to go.

Looking for Legendary Items

It’s that time, to start searching for level 65 items. Love it or hate it, that is the reality of the LI system. I see NPCs at skirmish camps will trade rep items for level 65 3rd age class items, but I’m not sure where to get weapons. Perhaps NPCs at Gathbúrz will have them.

It was tough but I deconstructed the nice Level 59 3rd age items I had for my LM and burglar, after finding somewhat decent level 61 replacements. Item XP from level 59 LIs can’t be applied towards level 60+ items, so I wish I had done it sooner – I would have captured a bit more item XP for the level 60+ LIs.

I took a look at the Legacy Pool Distribution and have modest and reasonable goals for the items I want to get.

For my LM, I’m going to search for:

  • Staff
    • Tactical Skills Direct Damage
    • Staff Strike Cooldown
  • Book
    • Non-damaging Signs of Power Duration
    • Target Tactical Damage Skills Resist Rating

Not much to comment with those legacies. Signs of Power Duration is handy and will extend Sign of Power: Righteousness (the stun immunity and stun removal skill) to double duration, if maxed out. That’s great and is basically most of the useful effects of the Dúnadan-learning trait.

For my burglar, I’m going to search for:

  • Club or Dagger
    • Feint Attack Cooldown
    • Critical Response Skill Damage
  • Tools
    • Positional Damage
    • +% Healing – Mischievous Glee

I’m searching for a club in order to take advantage of the bonus damage for hobbits. I’ve also decided to try Quiet Knife instead of Gambler, mostly because Quiet Knief is more deterministic and stealthy, plus with a good cooldown on Feint Attack the Provoke-mez becomes a useful tactic. I like Gambler, but the bottom line is while the gamble effects are pretty good, they are often randomly applied as side effects from other skills. I’d like to try a build where I choose skills for their effect and not get random beneficial boosts.

Feint Attack cooldown is a must-have though – maxed out it would make FA cooldown in 15s versus 60s, which is a huge difference in how viable the capstone legendary skills are. If I wanted to keep doing Gambler, I’d need Lucky Strike cooldown. Unfortunately the build you play as a burglar really is controlled by the legacies on the LIs you have.

Perhaps an ideal weapon would have both Feint Attack cooldown and Lucky Strike cooldown. I could pick one or the other to level up, and switch between the two using legendary reset scrolls. This would save me from grinding two sets of relics if I had two weapons.

The other char I’m advancing along is my guardian. The legacies I’ll look for there are:

  • Club
    • Guardian’s Ward Duration
    • Stamp Cooldown
  • Belt
    • Catch a Breath Cooldown
    • Challenge Targets

Once again, a club for the hobbit racial bonus. Catch a Breath cooldown is critical – with the Controlled Breathing trait, CaB restores power in addition to more morale. When traiting 2 into Fighter of Shadow, CaB power restore is boosted 75%. These are huge for using CaB to keep morale and power up. I’m not sure what other legacy I’d like on the club, just that it not be Overpower related – I’ve literally never used Overpower stance, and have always fought with a shield.

I’ll look for the above legacies in any tier, since tiers can be increased with scrolls available at skirmish camps (I’m not sure if there is a max number of times tiers can be increased; I hope not).

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