Thievery and Mischief on an LM

I hadn’t played my LM Aillas in several weeks, so I decided to ease back into it via skirmishes. I selected Thievery and Mischief, because I just did it on Naerys.

First up was rearranging my quickslots to make room for Frost-Lore, Staff-Sweep, and put my most commonly used skills in easy reach. I wound up with

  • Gust of Wind
  • Light of the Rising Dawn
  • Burning Embers
  • Staff-Sweep
  • Improved Staff-Strike
  • Cracked Earth
  • Test of Will
  • Storm-Lore
  • Sign of Power: Command
  • Ents Go To War
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Improved Blinding Flash

along the bottom row (0 through =) and

  • Sign of Power: Righteousness
  • Frost-Lore
  • Continual Air-Lore
  • Wind-Lore
  • Fire-Lore
  • Herb-Lore
  • Sign of Battle: Wizardry
  • Sign of Battle: Wizard’s Fire
  • Sticky Tar
  • Sticky Gourd
  • Share the Power
  • Wisdom of the Council

on the 2nd row (CTRL-0 through CTRL-=). A handful of other skills are just above on the 3rd row.

I summoned my pet Eagle and Archer solider once inside. It took a bit to get used to the new layout, mostly hitting CTRL-7 or CTRL-8 for flank healing. But it went smoothly even though I didn’t fight optimally.

My solider got stuck on something in between the Haunted Alley and Jailhouse, so I wound up clearing the Jailhouse area without him. Next time: double check my soldier is with me before starting a fight!

The nice thing about Thievery and Mischief is after taking a control point, the counterattack is generally a small group of 3 or 4 mobs approaching through a choke point. My strategy there was to apply Sticky Tar, mez the most dangerous opponent and deal with the rest of the group. This worked well and I progressed steadily towards the end.

Two encounters spawned: a soft growl to the east turned out to be Padfoot, and a raspy voice to the north-west which was Snagbúrz.

Feline Hunting

Padfoot was tough, hitting me for pretty hard. After stunning with Test of Will, I placed Sticky Tar and then could kite Padfoot in a small circle, darting in for melee attacks and healing when flank procs were up. The entire time, the Archer plinked away and soon Padfoot was defeated.

Tucked away in an alley was Snagbúrz, apparently looking for something he lost as his dialogue was “Where is it? Where did it go?”. I prepped and sent my Eagle in to start the fight, and soon was victorious.

Orc Encounter

The final battle against Bálak went well, after he threatened me and made grandiose claims about his claim on Bree.

Overall I need to work through skirmishes again to get in the flow of playing an LM. It is one of my favorite classes in LoTRO so that won’t be a problem!

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