Network Problems

I had plans to play Guild Wars while visiting family for the holidays, but no such luck. I get error 58, can’t contact login servers. Yet when I look at the Guild Wars network status page, there is no mention of problems.

I’m positive the issue is on my end, because even if I type a bogus character name into the login dialog, I get the same error. I also get the same error typing a wrong password! Thus I am sure the game isn’t contacting the game servers at all.

My traveling setup is a Mac Book Pro, so I am attempting to play via CrossOver Games for the Mac. It works great at home, even though I usually play on my Windows 7 notebook. Perhaps there is an issue with version of CrossOver Games I have installed, or with the network here. I’ll check when I get home.

So instead I played some games on Steam: Puzzle Dimension and World of Goo. I also finished up a Nintendo DS game – Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box – and made progress on Picross 3D, which is a really good puzzle game too.

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