Dhrun reached the point in the Mirkwood storyline where the “Strike Against Dannenglor” skirmish opens up. Fortunately I had done lots of skirmishes and had leveled up an archer, because the skirmish is challenging. Two encounter mobs spawned while I was there, Rimdeloth and Ghostfang, and I was able to defeat both.

Dhrun also had the first round of Dannenglor quests from the Haunted Inn, but unfortunately, none of the mobs killed during the skirmish counted. I was hoping for some double credit – do the skirmish for the storyline, and also make some progress on various quests. 🙂

I see bat... women

But it didn’t work that way, so afterwards I went up to Dannenglor to finish the first and second round of quests. The ruins are packed with bats and merrevail, and is a challenge for me. I searched treasure piles, collected tokens, defeated a quota of merrevail… and returned to summon and defeat a morroval guard, kill bats… and picked up round three of the quests, which I”ll finish later. The last round is to defeat a thief, and defeat 3 scouts.

The fights were tough, two merrevail at a time is a good challenge. I can mez one, deal with the other, then take the remaining one, but I burn a lot of power and wind up at half morale. If the mez is resisted, it is even harder – fortunately burglars have several panic skills. The merrevail must crit or perhaps one of their special attacks hits extra hard.

I also dealt with a spider infestation which culminated in fighting another giant spider. Here is a screenshot of Laehendiel, mentioned in an earlier post:

One enormous spider!

and here is another one, the Dourstocks Lair-spinner, in the same pit in Mirkwood!

Dourstocks Lair-spinner
Another giant spider, ugh

I just think that’s funny. Somewhere I read a top ten MMO cliche list and one of the listed items was “must have large spiders”. Haha!

Dhrun is almost caught up to my Lore-master Aillas, both are now questing out of Ost Galadh. Dhrun has a few Drownholt quests to wrap up so Aillas is still just a bit further along. I’d like to get both to level 65 by January 2011, which should be easy given holidays plus the fact Dhrun is 63 and Aillas is 64 – getting close on both!

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