Heart of Fire

My guardian Naerys advanced in the Moria story line, helping locate Nâr-khelab, the Heart of Fire, a long lost Dwarven forge. Unfortunately Zigilburk, a legendary mithril axe, has not been located yet.

Stats wise, Naerys reached level 55 and immediately deconstructed most of her legendary items, in favor of equipping newer level 55 ones. Those in turn were obtained by my other chars trading in spare Khuzdul tablets for guardian clubs and guardian belts (the guardian class item). Since Naerys is a hobbit I’m going with clubs for the 2% damage bonus. It isn’t much, but I have that racial trait equipped so I might as well take advantage of it!

I kept Naerys’ starter guardian belt solely because it had a very useful tier 6 legacy: Catch a Breath cooldown. CaB is a block reactive that restores morale (and power when traited), and Naerys was able to max the cooldown at 15 seconds – making CaB available every 15 seconds (down from 30 seconds) if there is a block. That is huge for self healing and power restoration. The other keys in making that work are: traiting Controlled Breathing (so CaB restores power in addition to morale); equipping 2+ traits into the Fighter of Shadow line (+75% morale and +75% power restored); and finding a class item with CaB cooldown (making it available as much as possible).

When Moria released, I created a warden, Rhaenys, and played her in lieu of Naerys, and advanced to level 60 and through Moria. After returning from a break, I’ve come to appreciate the survivability and relative ease of play that the guard delivers, even if DPS is low and fights take longer. Guardians aren’t easy street by any means, but unlike the warden, guardian play involves decisions about the best available skill to use now – no building gambits. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that with heavy armor and a heavy shield, a guardian can fight larger pulls.

I happen to like the warden and the gambit system – it is unique and fun, and I’m glad I have that char. However, after not playing the warden for months, I’m totally worthless. I can’t remember the gambits and basically need to spend about 2 levels of experience just doing skirmishes, in order to relearn the class. I need to print the gambit chart and work on memorizing key ones. Since I have many other chars I want to play, and other games I want to play, the warden is likely to see no action for a while. Maybe after I get Dhrun, Aillas, and Naerys to level 65 and through Mirkwood.

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