Mirkwood Adventures

I decided to adventure with Dhrun, who has been neglected lately in favor of my guardian Naerys and rune-keeper Daerellaen. I plan to let Daerellaen “rest” for another week or so, to allow rest/bonus xp to build up and ideally max out, which will give a nice extra chunk of xp for every mob slain for a quest or otherwise.

Back in Mirkwood, Dhrun finished up the quests around Echad Mothelen, which started with scouting out a nearby encampment of orcs. Eventually Dhrun returned with some information relieved from a nervous goblin guard.

Scouting mission

The elves at Echad Mothelen also needed some assistance with a local spider infestation, various bats, wolves, and the usual monster bosses.

Echad Mothelen
Warming up by the campfire

They could have warned me about the enormous spider – Laehendiel – in the area! Anyway, Dhrun finished up and advanced to the Haunted Inn. From there I rode back to the Vineyards of Lórien and advance in the epic quest line.

It turns out Mazog is to be traded for elves imprisoned in Dol Guldur, and a select group called the Hidden Guard, of which Dhrun is fortunate to be included in, is to deliver Mazog through Mirkwood. I met the others in the Hidden Guard and we crossed the Anduin river to the base the Malledhrim set up on the other side, Echad Sirion.

The Hidden Company
Next stop, Echad Sirion

Over in Mirkwood the Hidden Guard met up with some dwarves, also assisting in the prisoner swap.

Meeting Dwarves in Mirkwood
My reputation precedes me!

After various introductions, I needed to help get some information about what the orcs were planning. After locating some papers as Ashúrz Maufulug, south of Echad Sirion, everyone was relieved that the orcs didn’t even know Mazog had been captured. The mission of the Hidden Guard is off to a great start!


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