Barad Morlas

I finished up the Barad Morlas area quests on Naerys, and set my milestone at Echad Dunann.

I’ve been on a bit of a tear in Eregion and LoTRO, and need to balance some of my playtime with Dhrun and Aillas, both in Mirkwwood. And of course not forget about GW and advancing in War in Kryta! I’ll switch up more this week.

Barad Morlas
Approaching ruins overrun with half-orcs

The Barad Morlas quests consisted of gathering relics, banners, and lowering the population of half-orcs. 😉 Once completed I gathered up a number of quests at Echad Dunann and will probably rest Naerys for a bit – after all, part of the reason I could level many chars reasonably quickly is by rotating between them all and taking maximum advantage of rest experience… I don’t want to run out. That’s why I won’t play either of my new chars for another week or so, and let them build up some rest experience.

So next time in LoTRO will be a focus on advancing Dhrun, or skirmishing on Aillas.


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