Black Sunday

I didn’t get to play much over the long weekend, but I was able to do some shopping in game. 🙂

In DDO, I bought some Turbine Points and then purchased some healing potions, and a Tome of Ability.

Reading the Tome of Ability
Engrossed in my stats

Reading the tome grants a permanent +1 buff to all stats – it must be some great reading indeed. I also bought the +2 Tome but can’t use it until Naerys reaches level 7. But since it is on sale for 20% off I decided to also buy it and save it for the future.

Over in LoTRO, I bought a few things as well, including Turbine Points. I expanded my shared storage space by 10 slots, and also bought an upgrade on each character’s private vault, bringing most from 75 slots to 90 slots. For some reason, my warden Rhaenys was unable to purchase that upgrade, and I bet the reason is Rhaenys does not yet have 75 slots.

So enough for in-game shopping… I’m off to do a few errands and then hope to actually play a bit this afternoon!

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