Monthly Fees

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m currently only playing Free-to-Play (a.k.a. f2p, freemium, microtransaction supported, whatever you want to call them) MMOs right now.

But I also don’t mind subscribing to one game at a time. After all, $15 a month is a bargain, there isn’t much else that gives the same entertainment value (time-wise) for the money. Plus, multi-month subscriptions are typically discounted a bit. And I’m not talking about playing every waking moment either – I think even if you just play 5 hours a week, 20 hours a month, the subscription is worth it. Heck, only Netflix might be a better deal than an MMO subscription.

A new expansion for WoW is coming out soon, bringing big changes to the world. I thought of reactivating my account, dusting off my shaman and alts (druid, hunter), and exploring it… but I enjoy playing LoTRO and GW (and even DDO) as well, even more so than WoW. Nothing is wrong with WoW, but I played GW and LoTRO heavily for 2 years each, whereas my WoW 2 subscription periods combined was about 1 year total.

So why don’t I spend my money on GW and LoTRO and DDO instead? Yes they are “free to play” but the companies behind them still need an income stream. It seems silly of me to subscribe to a game but avoid supporting the games I already enjoy. Therefore I decided to not reactivate my WoW account (again, nothing against WoW, I just like some other games more, and let’s face it splitting time between 4 games means I won’t get anywhere in any of them) and will instead funnel some cash to the in-game stores of LoTRO, DDO, or GW, every month. Vote with hard earned cash, as the saying goes. Since there isn’t much to buy in GW other than character slots and cosmetic items, I’ll likely buy LoTRO/DDO items most of the time, but I won’t rule out the occasional purely aesthetic purchase.

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