Mini Scourge Manta

I logged in real quick just to check Dawn, and found a birthday present! I guess Dawn’s birthday is 2 days earlier than I thought. The great news is I received a mini Scourge Manta, bringing my total to 39 mini pets. Now I’m guaranteed to hit 40 between my necromancer, assassin, other chars, and of course the questable Moa Chick. So I’m basically at 28 Hall of Monuments points, and can get to 30 by obtaining weapons. Thank goodness because getting Vabbian armor would take quite a while.

My priority in as far as GW gaming goes is to finish the War in Kryta content. A recent update adjusted the difficulty of the final step, The Battle for Lion’s Arch, so perhaps I can even get through it with heroes/hench. I’ll at least give it a try, and if I get stuck I’ll reach out to guildmates when I catch them on, or arrange with a friend ES to meet up sometime and have a go at it as a duo.

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