I decided to spend a little time questing in Mirkwood, and advance in the epic quests another time. I’d like to advance to the next outpost, which I think is a haunted inn (vague memory from questing on my LM), and then work on the storyline.

After taking to boat to Mirkwood, I concentrated on quests at Echad Sirion. It seems an orc and troll were occupying the fort just to the north, Durbúrz-Stazg. Well I was just in the mood to help out the Malledhrim rid the area of these foul beasts!

Doing some recon

After doing a bit of recon, I slipped in the side entrance, which wasn’t as well guarded. I spotted one of the orcs by a campfire, and stealthed to a spot behind him, and paused to get ready to fight.

Waiting patiently for the right moment

I hoped to just draw over Ulkúrzlam by himself, but a Taughâsh Warrior came as well. No problem, I Riddled the add… but he resisted! I immediately hit Touch and Go (boosts my evade) and went into my rotation and concentrated on killing the boss. After killing Ulkúrzlam I was able to breathe slightly easier, but I still had to deal with the Taughâsh Warrior and was getting low on morale and power. Fortunately I outlasted the orc and restealthed to take up position near Skûm the troll.

Size mismatch

This fight against Skûm started well, because I was able to just draw him over with no adds. I had my back to a fence and started to place my debuffs and tricks on him, when he hit me with a knockback attack that resulted in me standing on the fence, with him in anti-exploit mode! I hopped down and fortunately he snapped out of it and the fight continued (I thought he might reset, forcing me to lure him again). A few minutes later, I killed him and stealthed my way out of the camp and rode back to Echad Sirion, quests accomplished.

Dhrun is now about 5 bubbles into level 62. I won’t get a chance to play again until Saturday or Sunday, so making level 63 this weekend might not happen.

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