Mini Krait Neoss

One of my PvP chars turned 4 years old today, and received a Mini Krait Neoss, which I didn’t previously have. This brings my mini pet collection to 38!

Mini Pets
Welcome, Krait Neoss!

I know… I have a PvP char that is 4 years old?! Why not, I actually have 3 long term PvP chars: a monk, ranger, and mesmer. They serve dual duty as storage mules also, and do both jobs great.

Dawn’s birthday is coming up at the end of the week, so I should get another new mini pet (Dawn turns 5, and only my monk Daenerys is older) unless I’m unlucky in this case and Dawn gets the same pet that Daenerys did (Siege Devourer). In January my necromancer also turns 5 and my assassin turns 4. If either of them gets a new pet, I’m in because I can quest for the Black Moa Chick to hit 40 mini pets. But even if I don’t, as the months advance in 2011, several chars will have birthdays so I’m feeling pretty good about collecting 40 mini pets for that extra point in my HoM!

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