Cerulean Hills

I only had about an hour to play, so I decided to adventure a bit in DDO.

I took Naerys to the south area of the city of Stormreach and collected a few available quests. One took me to the Cerulean Hills, an outdoors area where I found a farmer that needed help reclaiming his land from invading orcs. I journeyed in, but was having a tough time because many of the orcs were rangers and would split up to attack me, or run back which forced me to close the distance and aggro more.

I had to pause a few times and restore my health with potions, and eventually I reached the end area where the main objectives were. In that area, the farmer’s house was on fire so I rushed over to turn a crank to release a cistern of water. Immediately after that, I was rushed by orcs, overwhelmed by their sheer numbers, and died… Naerys’ first death/resurrection! Oh well.

I decided to go back after gaining another level, so instead I searched for a few adventures in the city of Stormreach. A guardsman needed help retrieving his emblem and defeating a kobold Lord, so I took up the challenge. That went much better and I gained quite of bit of experience – Naerys is level 3 rank 11 and nearly rank 12.

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