Later when I played I took my burglar Dhrun into some skirmishes.

The first one I picked was “Trouble in Tuckburough”, and let’s just say it was rough. Two of the optional encounters spawned, Fíthrokh and Big Fright, and I went after both of them. Both fights went right down to the wire – each one defeated me before I went back and won the second time. I’m was just a fraction slow on some key panic skills and should have had both. Actually, I shouldn’t have been so near death on either one but hey, I’m just getting back into playing. Anyway, I did manage to kill both mobs, and went on to finish the skirmish.

Trouble in Tuckburough
Finally finishing this skirmish

After that rather humbling experience, I chose “Siege of Gondamon” next. It kept me on my toes running back and forth between the north, west, and south entrances. Two optional encounters also spawned, Hergill and Sigurmar. Hergill came on up during one of the battles but Sigurmar stayed tucked in a corner outside the wall. Fighting was so hectic, I finished the skirmish without getting a chance to lure Sigurmar in, and he was gone when I went to look for him afterwards. Oh well I’ll get him another time.

Siege at Gondamon
Battling a drake

I decided I had time for one more skirmish, and selected “Stand at Amon Sûl”. During quiet moments, which means when we’re just fighting one or two normal mobs, I ran the torch to the various campfires for the buffs. Besides, both Candaith and my soldier are hunters, and they were killing mobs pretty fast. Bloodwing and Gûgaw spawned and we defeated them both.

Other than getting roughed up big time by the optional encounters from “Trouble in Tuckburough”, everything went well. Dhrun is 6 bubbles away from level 62, at which time I will resume the epic quests. Dhrun is at Volume 2, book 9, chapter 1: Plans of the Golden Host (I skipped ahead a little, Dhrun also has Volume 2, book 8, chapter 3: A Relic in Lumul-Nar) . I’ll read the quest text carefully because it has been a while since I did these quests.

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