Stormreach Arrival

My goal tonight was to finish off the Korthos Island slayer quest, as well as Misery’s Peak.

The slayer quest was no problem, as I only 50 or so enemies to kill to hit 200… which I thought was the finish. There is another tier above that, of 400 kills, and I decided the xp bonus for reaching it wasn’t worth the time. So I moved along and entered Misery’s Peak.

This dungeon was a long one, probably as long as all the other ones I’ve done combined. It had a few lever/platform puzzles, nothing too sophisticated, and a major part of the time was spent in a central ice cavern with several walkways and platform tiers up above. It was nice looking, and besides the ice spiders and enemy humans, there was danger from falling off the edge off a walkway.

Misery's Peak
Could use some safety rails

About 3/4 of the way through I found a sleeping dragon. At this point in the adventure, NPCs showed up to distract the dragon, allowing me to sneak ahead and interfere with the plans of another monster – a mindflayer that planned to control the dragon.

Let sleeping dragons lie...

I didn’t actually fight the dragon, which makes sense. Really, dragons are supposed to be very powerful beasts, and I’m a level 2 monk. It wouldn’t feel right taking one down outside a small army – a dragon should be more like a raid boss!

Instead, I went ahead and destroyed a crystal the mindflayer was using to help control the dragon. With the crystal gone, the mindflayer had to abandon the dragon and it wandered off. My quest finished, I went to the docks in Korthos Village and sailed onward to Stormreach, where more adventure awaits.

The view from the tavern

So far so good. My monk is now level 2 rank 8, nearly rank 9, and I’m enjoying the game. Each dungeon has multiple difficulty levels (casual, normal/solo, hard, elite) and each tier completion opens up the next higher one (casual and normal/solo are available the first time you enter).

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